June 15, 2021

An Accidental Deadlift Post-Hip Surgery

Hello! This is coach Heather Binns.

A lack of mobility can really get you down, so I’ve been looking for a lot of silver linings in this post-hip surgery recovery journey.

Take last week for example: I dropped all of my vitamins on the floor. With crutches and a brace, I couldn’t bend down to pick them up. My husband wasn’t around either, so it was up to me to get the vitamins off the floor.

So what did I do? Some single-leg deadlifts to pick them all up!

A little fitness for the win! 💪

Doing those accidental deadlifts gave me a sense of deep gratitude for the strength, mobility, proper form, and technique I’ve developed over the years. Otherwise, the vitamins would still be on the floor, and I would be in a lot of pain.

Speaking of pain, I’m actually not really in any!

On Friday I told you about my post-surgery nutrition and that I am eating more plant-based to fight off inflammation. Other things I am doing to stay pain-free and recover now that I am a week post-surgery are:

  • Learning how to use and manipulate the muscles that I can use to help me out since Steven (my husband) can’t be home with me 24/7.

  • Icing often and elevating my leg when I can, but still making sure I get up and move, so I am not stagnant and stiff.

  • Go outside in the backyard to sit in the sun for 15-20 minutes to get vitamin D. It aids in recovery and keeps my mood elevated.

  • Take deep breaths every hour followed by a few coughs to keep my respiratory muscles active and prevent respiratory infection due to decreased activity.

  • Upped my CBD intake from 1 softgel per day to 3 softgels per day.

  • Drinking lots, and lots, and lots of water to stay hydrated.

Basically, everything I have coached my clients to do post-surgery!

Aside from being pain-free, I’m also moving more on my own, including being able to stand up and sit down without assistance.  That may seem small, but if you have ever had hip surgery, you know it’s a big deal!

Thank you so much for all the calls, texts, posts, and emails wishing me well!  I am on the road to recovery, feeling grateful for my health each day!

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