November 3, 2023

Go From Soft To Firm By Making Smart Choices

A common concern I frequently encounter among those inquiring about my coaching, is changing a soft body (commonly referred to by so many as “skinny fat”) into a firm body.

Many people share their frustration with me about putting so much effort into exercising multiple days per week while paying attention to their caloric intake, but still not seeing the physical results they desire… And you may be experiencing the same issue.

It’s important to understand that achieving your fitness goals involves more than just “counting calories.” Working out without a structured plan and equating your workouts’ effectiveness with how much you sweat won’t cut it.

First off, not all calories are created equal. For instance, 100g of carbohydrates from pop tarts or a Baskin-Robbins Mocha Cappuccino Blast differ significantly from the same amount obtained from brown rice or broccoli. Furthermore, estimating your carb intake while frequently dining out is vastly different from precisely measuring your portions at home.

Moreover, sweating during your workout doesn’t necessarily equate to fat loss. While a vigorous workout can burn calories and make you sweat, working out in a hot environment or wearing sweat suits can result in excessive sweating without effectively building muscle or promoting fat loss. This situation leaves you fatigued, frustrated, and bewildered about your lack of progress.

This is where coaching can make a difference. As a coach, I help eliminate the frustration, simplify the process, and guide you from point A to point B with clarity, and educating you along the way allowing you to maintain your hard-earned results long after your investment.

Here are five fundamental steps you can take to start seeing the results you desire:

  • Avoid Random Workouts: Performing random exercises and workouts leads to unpredictable and unsatisfactory results. To improve your training, strength, and body composition, you need structured progression.
  • Push Harder in the Gym: Approaching your true physical limits is crucial for triggering body transformation. Many individuals aren’t taught how to train to their fullest potential safely, which leads to suboptimal progress.
  • Stop Constantly Changing: Frequent changes to your workout routines or nutrition plans hinder your ability to progress and adapt. Consistency is key for results in both training and nutrition.
  • Embrace Carbohydrates: Low-carb diets may not be suitable for most people, especially those with busy, stressful lives. Carbohydrates help manage stress and support recovery. They are also essential for fueling intense training that builds muscle.
  • Practice Patience: Achieving your desired physique doesn’t happen overnight. Patience is key to experiencing a successful transformation. Enjoy the journey and you’ll increase your chances of seeing significant changes.

By making informed choices and following these guidelines, you can move closer to your fitness goals and begin to look as if you’ve truly embraced a more active lifestyle.

To expedite your progress, I invite you to apply for coaching with me HERE so you can learn how I can help you achieve your desired body transformation.

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