December 17, 2021

[A RANT, WITH LOVE] I’m Calling It Out

We’re going to be brutally honest with you today, and we want you to know that this comes from a place of love. So, let’s dive in…

You know how it’s a common fact that everyone flocks to health & fitness in January or February, only to abandon it the following month or so?

Well, there’s more to it than that.

Let us tell you the thought process we have seen as a professional in the health & fitness industry for the past 15 years…

  1. It’s summer and kids are out of school. Things are SO CRAZY that it’s too hard to commit to a fitness routine.

  2. It’s autumn and kids go back to school. There’s so much to organize, plus sports and routine, etc.

  3. It’s the holiday season – the CRAZIEST time of year (in addition to summer and autumn). It’s just too busy, and the food is too tempting. Plus, my family and friends really need my attention. And then, of course, I’ll need a few weeks after the holidays to get my ducks in a row.

Ever been there?

Chances are the answer is “YES” if you’ve ever jumped on and off the commitment wagon.

And we feel REALLY compelled to call it out because this is such flawed thinking. It’s a story we tell ourselves that we end up believing. It makes it easier to put off taking care of ourselves and buy into our own excuses.

But what if your story changed?

What if your story became something more along the lines of “My body and my health are of the utmost importance to me, so I will create time for them 365 days a year.”

Because the truth is, we ALWAYS find time for the things that are truly important.

When we say we “don’t have time”, we are simply saying “it’s just not a priority.”

And that’s our rant 😉

According to the faulty logic we described above, there are really only about 3 months a year that aren’t “crazy” and where it’s “convenient” to focus on taking care of you…unless, of course, other circumstances pop up, as they always do.

Here’s the thing… Your body and your health aren’t a “sometimes project.”

We put off the things we know we need to do until something happens – an injury, disease, or just finding ourselves deeply unhappy with the body we’ve created.

Instead of preventative care and maintenance for our health, we wait for things to get so bad we’re forced to finally do something.

That’s the state of many people who have believed the story about “too busy” and “seasons” and “the perfect time.”

Please KNOW that this message, though a bit harsh of a reality check, is coming to you with love. We truly want to look you in the eyes, give you a warm hug, and let you know that we believe in you

So, if you’re ready to write a new story for yourself, let us take you by the hand and show you the way…

Let’s have a real conversation about how you can take action and move forward for the final time so you never have to start over again. All you have to do is complete our coach Heather Binns’s little quiz and schedule a quick 15-minute Action Call with her:

We’ve got you.

P.S. If you know someone who needs to hear this, please forward them this post.

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