June 25, 2021

A Different Type of “Before and After”…

Hello there! This is coach Heather Binns.

I’ve got a fun before and after photo for you today – check it out!

The photo on the left is my pre-surgery hip.  The one on the right is my post-surgery hip.

Unless you’re a surgeon or physical therapist, the difference may not seem huge to you.  But as someone who is slowly regaining her strength and mobility back, I can tell you that what you don’t see, I FEEL!

This week’s doctor visit brought tears of joy to my eyes.  I knew I was feeling better, but part of me questioned whether or not it was a placebo effect: Wanting to return to physical activities bad enough to think myself well.  But guess what?  The doctor confirmed it!

  • No more crutches (it typically takes at least 3-4 weeks to ditch the crutches after the type of hip surgery I’ve had)

  • Cleared to drive at week 4 (it’s normally 6 weeks post-op)

  • No need for an extra surgery

  • The ligament, bone, and socket are not demonstrating the same wear and tear typical of my age group

  • I’m recovering as well as someone in their 20’s!!!


This experience has reminded me of the importance of staying active, eating well, and prioritizing my health.  Accidents and surgeries can happen at any time, and I know for me, if I was laid up in bed all day, it would take a toll on my mental health.

In order for me – and for you – to bounce back as quickly as possible, we’ve got to stay as healthy as possible.

Is it obstacle course time yet?  Eh, no.  But I am 100% certain it will happen sooner rather than later.

I’m so happy to get back to fully living again!

What is some good news you’ve received recently?  Hit comment and let me celebrate with you!

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