June 6, 2023

7 Steps to Create Growth in Your Life This Month

All around us in June are signs of nature growing. So, how can you take this powerful cue and create growth in your own life?

  1. Look inward. In what aspects of your life do you want to grow the most? Why is this important to you? How do you anticipate this growth changing your life?
  2. Look outward. What challenges can you anticipate? Whose support will be available? How will conditions shape your Plan A – and, just as importantly, your Plan B?
  3. Nourish yourself. This means practicing healthy habits and self-care, speaking to yourself in positive affirmations, and seeking wise counsel. And it means reading books, taking in art, and practicing mindfulness.
  4. Express gratitude every day, especially when it feels like nothing’s working out.
  5. Network, help others, and seek feedback.
  6. Identify skills you need to acquire or improve and develop a plan to do so.
  7. Embrace the sunshine and the rain, realizing that both are necessary for your growth, resilience, and strength.

Got outside today and think about these kinds of things.

Take inspiration from the grass, trees, and flowers.

From children in the park.

From sunshine on your face.

You’re a beautiful, blessed part of the world, too, so let yourself grow and thrive in this season of renewed life.

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