February 17, 2023

Feeling Unmotivated?

Coach Heather Binns here… A few days ago I wasn’t motivated to workout, and I didn’t.

I was dealing with Internet issues at the house, which impeded my work and altered my day. I was able to do some tax preparation that did not involve an Internet connection, so I was still able to make proper use of my time, but I just wasn’t in the mood to workout. It happens…

Every day isn’t perfect, and every day shouldn’t be perfect. However, that day I allowed my feelings to dictate my behavior and my actions.

Imagine if you took an entire day and only made decisions based on how you were feeling in each moment of that day.

  • You feel tired and don’t want to go to work – You skip work.
  • You don’t want to leave the house – You keep the kids home from school.
  • You feel unmotivated and don’t want to workout – You skip your workout.
  • You feel a bit stressed or anxious – You open a bag of chips or a carton of ice cream.
  • You feel loved – You tell your partner that you love them.
  • You feel upset – You verbally let loose on a family member.

Now what if you handled every single day of your life like this… basing every decision entirely on your feelings?

What’s interesting, though, is that most people can separate their actions from their feelings in many situations in life.

For example, when it comes to taking the kids to school, going to work, paying the bills, feeding the pets, taking care of the kids, doing housework… you don’t necessarily feel motivated or enthusiastic about all of those things all the time, yet you still do them.

You don’t let your feelings dictate your actions. However, often many people treat their health, fitness & nutrition entirely different.

Have you thought about why?

Is it possible that the consequences aren’t as immediate and obvious?

For example, you don’t feel motivated to workout, so you skip the workout and life goes on… no one fires you because you didn’t workout.

And when it comes to changing your body (shedding body fat and building muscle)… it doesn’t happen overnight, so it’s not so obvious and immediate. It’s easier to base your decisions relating to your health, fitness & nutrition on your feelings and emotions.

So, the next time you are about to act based on your feelings, pause and acknowledge your emotions. Become aware of when and why this is happening.

It’s totally normal to feel this way but think about the repercussions of not doing something just because you are not motivated to do it.

Is this why you are in the state you are in right now?

We all do things every day that we are not necessarily motivated to do, myself included, but remember that YOU HAVE THE FINAL SAY!

Yes, life will always have its ups and downs, motivating moments and unmotivated moments, but focus on becoming more aware of why you are reacting the way you do in each situation.

I frequently mention that the best time to start a coaching program is when life is in chaos because the sooner you figure out how to navigate that chaos, the sooner you’ll be free from having to worry again about your results, or questioning whether you can do this or not, or second-guessing your ability to reach your goals.

Freedom is on the other side of navigating the chaos 🙂

How badly do you want freedom?


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