July 22, 2022

Immunity Enhancements!

With the latest strain of COVID spiking again, enhancing the immune system is still top of mind for people right now.​

​​Your overall body weight, the foods you eat regularly, your quality of sleep, stress management, and how much you exercise ALWAYS impacts your immune system and your body’s ability to take care of you in the face of viruses, infection, etc.​

So, to put it mildly, taking care of your overall health every single day must be a top priority…now and every day.​

But there are certain foods and supplements you can consume that have a known effect to enhance your immune system.​

Considering everything that’s still going on with COVID, we thought it would be valuable to compile a list for you so you can add these to your next grocery order ASAP.​

​Of course, always speak to your doctor first.​

Here you go: ​​Renov8 Fitness Immunity Enhancement List

​Here’s to health, immunity, and getting through this stronger together!

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