October 21, 2021

Taking On Any Obstacle

Do you feel strong enough to take on any obstacle?

That’s a pretty loaded question but stay with us…

There are many obstacles in life, and building up the mental, emotional, and physical toughness to overcome them takes practice.

One way you can build up inner strength is by building outer strength: Showing yourself what you are capable of by breaking those self-imposed glass ceilings and unleashing your athlete within.

If one of the ways to break your glass ceiling includes doing something you’ve never done, like signing up for a 5K or an obstacle course race, we invite you to take the scary step and do one!

Local Peeps – The LA Spartan Sprint Race is coming up on December 11-12, and Renov8 is offering a 6-week training program for this race and putting together a training team. Check out this link for more details.

No matter what you’ve always wanted to do, once you’ve committed and registered for whatever “glass ceiling” event it is, be sure to do some physical strength-building so you can race strong and remain injury-free.

Here are three simple ways to build strength, especially before an obstacle course race:

  • Run up and down hills

  • Carry heavy objects

  • Hang on things – trees, playground equipment, door frames…get creative in improving your grip strength!

We’d love to know what you are going to do to build inner strength. Hit reply and let us know!


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