September 28, 2021

Investments vs Expenses

Let’s talk about money – specifically about the anxiety we all feel around certain expenditures. Sometimes we’re so worried about the cost of something that we don’t see its value as an investment in our own best interests. And when we think about our expenses, we try to remember that everything is a choice between spending that will move me closer to my goals – or take me down another path.

Right? we mean, if we put away some money each paycheck, then we can feel better about our retirement planning, even though we have less money in our purse.

Well, it’s the same way when we think about our personal health and fitness. Here’s a really simple example: If we spend $10 on that giant cupcake, we’re choosing temporary pleasure but taking giant steps toward supporting poor eating habits. And we’re out $10 we’ll never see again.

Our confusion about investing in ourselves leads to too many people resisting healthy habits. And it gives them an easy excuse. “I would LOVE to get fit, but I simply can’t afford it,” they say.

NONSENSE. If you don’t invest in your health, you will be forced to spend a lot more money later on your illness. Think about these examples:

  • Missed workdays (worse for those who don’t have paid time off)

  • Hospital visits (never fun, but even less appealing during the pandemic)

  • Monthly medication costs

  • Out-of-pocket expenses and copays every time you visit a doctor

Now, you might not want to see the connection between lifestyle choices you make today and the medical situations you’ll experience in the future. And you don’t have to spend thousands of dollars on home equipment or devote your budget to local organic farms.

But you must move your body and eat right – or you’ll definitely pay the price later.

When you clearly understand the difference between investments and expenses, they just become a no-brainer for a better life.

So, how much is your health worth to you?

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