July 17, 2020

You’re in the Collective

I can say with confidence that 2020 has, to date, been the strangest year I’ve ever lived through.

I have a feeling you might agree.

More than ever before, humans are sharing a common experience – everywhere all over the world.

Our lives have been changed forever. There’s fear and uncertainty.

We are ALL affected.

It’s impossible not to be.

For some people, this has caused a divide. For others, it’s brought people closer together.

Without expectation or judgement, I just want to share with you today that I am with you in this whole strange experience. That I have chosen to engage fully in this collective we are in as humanity.

It does no good to be angry, resist, or judge others.

Coming together in times of crisis, showing more love and support, and getting through it together…I truly believe that’s what the world needs and is our path forward.

More understanding.

More compassion.

More empathy.

More love.

Are you with me?

Heather Binns


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