October 22, 2019

How Are You?

Have you ever noticed how very common it is to ask and receive the question “How are you?”

And interestingly, I’d guess 95% of the time or better we answer with something like “fine” or “great.”

But how often do we answer this question honestly and vulnerably?

How often do we reach out and seek support in times when we’re not “fine?”

The world we live in today has more pressure, comparison and visibility than we’ve ever had.

We’re more connected than ever before because of technology but at the same time, we’re the most disconnected we’ve ever been.

One of the things about my work that I have a deep appreciation for is the fact that over the years, my clients have opened up to me thousands of times.

They’ve shared things they wouldn’t tell their own spouses or friends.

I love that they have that level of trust in me and that I can be that outlet when it’s so needed.

So, Heather, I’m here to tell you today…

If you ever need support or an ear, I’m here for you. Because if you’re human, you’re not always “fine.” And that’s perfectly okay.

Heather Binns

PS – If you prefer receiving support “behind the scenes” instead of directly reaching out to me, I urge you to join my free online support community at https://www.facebook.com/groups/renov8fitnesstools/


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