April 1, 2021

We love Springtime! Who doesn’t, right? The flowers, the longer days, the chance to start or renew seasonal activities that will help us enjoy healthier lifestyles…

And who couldn’t use a boost in health after a year of pandemic #AreWeRight?!

What are your favorite Springtime activities that are good for your exercise, nutrition, and wellbeing?

Here are a few ideas to get you thinking. Mostly…Move your body every day!

  1. Evening walks.

  2. Working in the yard and garden.

  3. Spring cleaning…Seriously! It’s invigorating to clear out the junk drawers and closets.

  4. Planning healthy meals for holidays like Easter and Passover.

  5. Getting back to the gym or studio (virtually or in-person).

  6. Family Bike Rides.

  7. Farmers markets for fresh, local produce.

Whatever you enjoy, We hope it’s just the beginning. We hope Spring ushers in a sense of rebirth, renewal and rejuvenation to inspire you to take the next positive step and enjoy every day.

You deserve it!

P.S. Don’t forget how exercise and eating right boost our spirits and self-esteem. Due to popular demand, We are re-opening our Total Mind & Body Reset on April 12th for 10 days!  Click HERE for more details.

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